The College of Business Administration and Accountancy Extension and Community Connectivity Office (ECCO) shall plan and implement extension projects and activities in consonance with the Extension Program of the University.


  • To establish and strengthen networking, linkages and connectivity of the college with the community.
  • To undertake extension projects and activities that will facilitate the transfer and adoption of innovative techniques or new technologies that could contribute to the business and managerial acumen of recipients.
  • To coordinate, integrate, monitor and evaluate the extension projects/activities of

               the faculty and students of the College.

  • To establish a data bank system as a monitoring and evaluation tool which will facilitate information generation/retrieval necessary for monitoring project status and evaluating its outcomes; and
  • To harness faculty expertise in the conduct of activities with research components

   for the development of community recipients and other stakeholders.


AGENDUM 1: Business Management and Entrepreneurial Acumen Development Agenda

-    refers to the provision of technical assistances through seminars, tutorials, coaching  and other forms of instructional means to the linkage institutions and clients

-    Programs: Tutorials Program; Management Consultancy Program; Legal Assistance Program


AGENDUM 2: Corporate Social Responsibility Agenda

-    refers to the provision of donation, gifts, contributions and conduct of activities that will enhance and help develop the welfare of the recipients and clients in a community

-    Programs: Adopt-a-Barangay Program; Adopt-a-School PRogram; Children Activity Support Program; Student Organization Partnership


AGENDUM 3: Environmental Management Awareness Program

-    refers to the engagement of activities for the upliftment of the environment in general and to be undertaken as a primary advocacy of the college

-    Programs: Vegetable Seed Dispersal Program; Tree Planting Program; Cleanliness Program


AGENDUM 4: Beyond Traditional and Transnational Program

-    refers to the establishment of linkages and opportunities with international institutions and organizations and pursuing innovative activities

-    Programs: Buhay Negosyo Radio Show; International Linkages & Visits Program; Community Research and Development Projects


AGENDUM 5: Pro-Active Engagement & Community Connectivity Program

-    refers to the forging of formal arrangements with new linkage institutions and the review and renewal of the memoranda of agreement that already expired for continuity purposes

-    Programs: MOA Signing; LGU MOUs; Practicum Linkage Program


Blasts of MOAs

            The fresh mandate of the Extension and Connectivity Office with its newly formulated Agenda under the headship of Prof. Dr. Matilde Melicent Santos-Recto for SY 2012-2013, needs to be supported by formalized agreements with various stakeholders. The Office therefore, accordingly spearheaded the forging of linkage relationships with various institutions in order to facilitate the achievement of the CBAA Extension Agenda, 2012-2018. CBAA was able to sign MOAs with the following institutions with specific focus:

  1. Apolinario Mabini Lodge No. 235 situated in Cuyapo, Nueva   Ecija  (Agendum 2 & 3)
  2. Cooperative Union of Muñoz, Nueva Ecija, Science City of Muñoz, Nueva Ecija

     (Agendum 1 & 3)

  1. City Government of San Jose represented by its Mayor, Hon. Marivic S. Belena, 

     San Jose City, Nueva Ecija (Agendum 2, 3 and 5)

  1. First Gen Hydro Power Corporation, Pantabangan, Nueva Ecija (Agendum 4 & 5)
  2. Philippine National Bank, San Jose Branch, San Jose City, Nueva Ecija (Agendum 5)