Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA)

Students seeking admission to CBAA should satisfy all the following qualifications:

       1. Grade point average (GPA) of at least 80% in the 4th year high schools for applicants

        with science curriculum and 85% for those coming from other high schools.

       2. Must belong to the top 400 students whose first priority course is BSBA/BSAT/BSAc  

          based on the CLSU College Admission Test (CLSU-CAT) form accomplished.

       3. Must pass the college interview.


Bachelor of Science in Accounting Technology (BSAT)

Top 90 students from applicants who have passed the basic accounting qualifying examinations

and satisfied the grade points requirements.

        A. Basic Accounting Qualifying Examinations (50%)

            A.1. Incoming CLSU sophomore student with GPA not lower than 2.5 as certified by the

   college registrar

            A.2. Passed all subjects taken up at the time of application except for PE, ROT  

  and NSTP in which grades of 4.0 and incomplete is acceptable.

            A.3. Grades of at least 2.5 each in Fundamentals of Accounting Part I (ACC 100)

           and Fundamentals of Accounting Part 2 (ACC 105)

             Examinations covering ACC 100 and ACC 105 will be conducted immediately after the

second semester of the first curricular year. All applicants must comply first with the grade

requirements as enumerated in A 1-3 above.

                   Results of the Examination have the following equivalent percentage:

                                ACC 100                                            25%

                                ACC 105                                            25%

                                Total                                                 50%

         B. Grade point requirement equivalent to 50% to be assigned to each subject cluster    

             taken up by the students as follows:

                                 ACC 100 and ACC 105                        25%

                                 Business Subjects                              15%

                                 General education Subjects                10%

                                 Total                                              50%

                                 TOTAL                                              100%

          C. Manner of Ranking

                       Based on Items A and B above, examinees are ranked from the highest to the

lowest, and those belonging to the first ninety (90) shall qualify for admission to the accounting technology program.

          D. In case of a tie in the 90th slot, selection will be based on the following:

               1. The applicant who obtains the highest score in the qualifying examinations will be


               2. In case of further tie with respect to the raw score, the applicant with the

                   highest performance in the oral examination among the contenders will occupy

              the 90th slot. The oral examination shall be conducted by the committee 

   composed of the department chair presiding, the head of the accountancy

              section and a senior faculty member teaching accounting subjects.


Bachelor of Science in Accountancy (BSAc)

All BS Accounting Technology (BSAT) graduates and have satisfied the following

requirements will advance to the BSAc program: 

           A. A grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.75 upon graduation from the BSAT

       program; and

           B. No failing grade in the following subjects:

                                          o   Accounting and Finance

                                          o   Business Law and Taxation

                                          o   Math and Statistics

                                          o   Information Technology

                                          o   English

                                          o   Economics

                                          o   Management

                                          o   Marketing